Monday, September 2, 2013

Living like a Rainha in Caldas da Rainha!!

Gooooooood morning/evening/afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this weeks episode of Fact or Fiction! This week we´ll be discussing myths about Europe.

#1- Everybody smokes and drinks coffee. FACT. Seriously sooooo many people smoke here, it´s really crazy. It´s interesting too because all the boxes we see on the ground and such have facts about how smoking kills. You´d think they would learn... Oh yeah and they drink coffee a lot too. I´ve met people that drink about 10 coffees a day and smoke 6 packs of cigarros. Louco.

#2- Europeans are snobby. FICTION. Honestly, everyone is really super nice! I get told I´m pretty several times a day and most people will stop and talk with us or at least just say sorry I´m in a hurry. In fact, people like me so much I´ve been asked several times to marry someone they know or at least a Portuguese person. My personal opinion is they say this because they want taller people here. Everybody is TINY.

#3- American Security is Crazy- Not really about Europe but random fun fact, an Elder when we were coming here accidently forgot he had these HUGE scissors in his carry on and we made it all through security in SLC just fine. It wasn´t til England that they found em. Too funny.

#4- The food is better. FACT. The food is AWESOME here. Everything is really really fresh and delish. I also get to eat a lot of Brasilian food since my colegas are brasileiras but like the pastries and fruit and stuff is really REALLY good.

#5- Everybody knows about America and speaks English. FICTION. I´ve met a few people that I can actually have a conversation with in English. They love to translate what little they know but it´s usually just, `do ya undastand?'  They´re adorable. Also, we think people are generally familiar with the states and Disney World but they really aren´t. Weird thing is, the first city people always say they know is Chicago...

Okay, but in all seriousness now, OLÁ TODO O MUNDO!!!! Just trying to keep things interesting so you don´t get bored of my tales about saving souls and such in a foreign country. 

Bus Ride to Zone Conference
Today was a really cool day! We went with Elizabeta and Fernando and got them hitched! They´re getting baptized this weekend and I couldn´t be more pumped. They´re so amazing and so accepting of everything we teach. They also give really awesome prayers. My goodness I really love hearing prayers of investigators. They´re so sincere and it really is a conversation with God when they pray. It inspires me to be more like that. Sister Blanco and Sister Prieto are really great and everytime we pray, even in groups, we always wait a little bit after to listen for inspiration and whatnot. It´s really great. 

Elders Baptism
We also marked this old man Duarte for baptism. He´s adorable and since we can´t give bejinhos to men he takes our hand and kisses it. Hilarious.

AHHHH I have no more time all the sudden. P-days are always kind of crazy. Sorry for the super lame email... I´ll write a better one next week! Love you all!!!

Sister Swasey

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