Monday, September 23, 2013

A vida é cheia de surpresas.... (Life is full of surprises. . . .)

Querida Familia,

What a week, what a week. Where to even begin? I suppose we could start with my latest and greatest news. A few days ago we´re finishing up studies and we get a call from the executive secretary and he´s just like, `Hey so you guys are getting a mini missionary sometimes today, I´ll let you know what time k, thanks bye.´ Soooo yeah haha there was that surprise! So later on we went and picked up Sister Andrade and now we´re in a tripla. Life is crazy man. But good! She´s super sweet and really cool. She´s from Cabo Verde too, so now I´m working with 2 native speakers and living with 3!!! She´s already been a big help with the language. 

Quentino's Baptism

This week we had another baptism!!!! Quentino, the super amazing and awesome investigator from Guiné was baptized yesterday! Everything went super well and we had several members there and I gave a short talk about baptism even. He´s super shy, but was so excited and SO ready. He´s going to baptize his cousin and friend this next Sunday even! It´s going to be so great.

Quentino's baptism
Quentino's Baptism

More fun facts about Portugal- there are a TON of immigrants here! I have already met/taught people from Guiné, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, England, Uzbekistan (how do you even spell that?!), Ukraine, Moldavia, Congo, Brasil, China, India, France, and Spain. Even as I was writing that I kept having to go back and add more and more and more! It´s super cool to talk to people from ALL over the place! Sometimes it´s a little hard only because neither of us speak Portuguese perfectly haha but it´s certainly an adventure and really fun.

Lunch at Mauricio's
I´m drawing a bit of blank about what to talk about this week. We had dinner at Mauricio´s house again and it was AMAZING. We had Cachupa. No idea how you actually spell that, but that´s what I think it is. It´s a tradition dish in Cabo Verde and it´s amazing. People here also like to force you to eat a LOT, so clearly I´m quite happy to eat with them.

Bowling with President and Sister Christophe

Bowling with President & Sister Christophe ("They are the BEST!!!!!")

More P-day Adventures

P-day Fun at the Praia (beach)
Sis Blanca & Danielle

P-day Fun at the Praia
P-day Fun at the Praia
Anyway, I hope you´re all doing well. In continuation a bit from last week, never forget that miracles are REAL. I see them daily. The fact that I´m functioning how I am in Portugal truly is a miracle in and of itself! I love you all so much, and because Mormon says it better than I can, take a look at Moroni 8:3. I´m trying my hardest to work hard here because I truly want the Lord to bless each and every one of you as well!

Com amor,

Sister Swasey

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