Monday, September 30, 2013

Baptizing In The Rain

Dearest Family and Friends,

Yet again, never enough time to tell you everything I want to tell you! But here we gooooo...
Portugal is just fantastic. Seriously people, it´s great.

Sending love from Portugal

 Fun facts - first of all, did you know that Portugal is one of the three countries that the apostles talk about as being examples for the rest of the world? (With Brasil and I think Chile?) It´s called the farol for Europe, in other words the light, the example. The people here are elect, they truly are. The temple here will be such an amazing addition.
Armindo and Danielle

Armindo's Baptism
This week, we had two baptisms. Technically they´re not my investigators, but with divisions and all I have taught all the investigators between us so they feel like mine. In fact, I was with Sister Vomocil when we contacted both Agustinho AND Armindo, so they have an even more special place in my heart. These two men, so different and yet so elect. They really understand the gospel. Armindo is amazing. He´s going to be a bishop or something one day, I can promise you that. Their baptism was super fun. It was raining and we didn't have enough cars to all go at once to the beach so we were all stuck in the rain waiting for cars to go back and forth. It was certainly an adventure, but super fun. Everyone was just so happy that even though it was cloudy and dark, the spirit was strong and everything was great.

Armindo after

Agustinho Before
Agustinho After
Agustinho's Baptism

Smiling in the Rain

Life is just super great here. The rains have rolled in and our power is going in and out every so often, but it´s keeping things interesting!

I love you all, praying for you often. I hope you like the pictures I´ve been sending! We´re working hard here and seeing SO many miracles. Fiquem bem todo o mundo!

Com amor,

Sister Swasey

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