Monday, March 3, 2014

Things To Tell The High Council

Dearest loved ones,

Today, I would like to begin with some quick updates and then a story. First things first, we had transfers today. Sister Brundage, sadly for me, went off to MADEIRA (ya know, that island paradise place?) And I am going to stay here to be the Sister Training Leader over Porto and Porto Norte with Sister Giberson. She´s super cool, has 2 more transfers than me, and was in my same zone when I got here so we´ve actually met several times. 

But anyway, story time. Right after we heard the news that Sister Brundage and I were going to stay together last transfer, we had a very great talk as we were walking to an appointment. We promised each other that this transfer would be even better than the other two, that we would really see the fruits of our labors and continue doing everything we could to help this area. Sister Brundage turned to me and talked about going back to the High Council after our missions and how we would tell them about the miracle of us staying together after 2 transfers without a baptism but then how that third transfer, we went and baptized 6 people! And we just talked like that and got all excited to really see some huge miracles in Matosinhos. Well my friends, Heavenly Father is a miracle worker.

As of last week we had our 4 baptisms right? AndrĂ©, Angela, Paulo, and Claudia with Amandio marked for this week. Well what I didn´t tell you (out of fear of jynxing it...) was that we also marked Diogo to be baptized! Remember those 3 boys that we marked the first transfer that just weren´t quite ready to commit? Well.......Diogo went to his brother´s baptism and...decided to commit! We marked the baptism, planned it out, had him go to church 2 more times, reviewed the lessons, did the interview, and he got baptized yesterday!!!! Did you catch that math? Heavenly Father heard us talking about High Councils and miracles and 6 baptisms and He blessed us with exactly 6 baptisms in one transfer. HE IS SO AMAZING. I would have been happy with one baptism per transfer, or even just one this transfer! But He loves us and blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.

I don´t really know what else to write about from this week because I don´t remember anything that happened other than the amazing baptisms. OH! Fun fact. 12 years ago yesterday I was baptized and confirmed into the only true just of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, we had both a baptism and a confirmation. Perfection. 

Fun fact of the week...Elder Da Veiga is teaching me Creole! I have no idea how to write it but I´m learning to form some basic sentences and it´s sweet.

Sorry if this is short and not very exciting, but I´m kind of just anxious to see what this next transfer brings! SOOOO sad to see Sister Brundage go. Not going to lie, I cried quite a bit more than I was expecting to! But we´re off to the next adventure of Sister Training Leadership and I CAN´T WAIT!!! I love you all, keep working and waiting for those miracles!

Com muito amor,

Sister Swasey

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