Monday, February 24, 2014

The Blessings Just Don't Stop

Oh my dear loved ones,

The happiness of last week is still here!!!!!!!!!!!!! If blessings were rain, Matosinhos would be the area right in the middle of an enormous hurricane. 

Unfortunately, I have VERY little time to tell you all the great things that happened this week, and let me tell you why...I´m going down to Lisboa today! This morning I got a call from the assistents calling to read an anouncement to me. I too thought `huh?` and then they started reading it. And well, short story shorter, I´m going to be a Sister Training Leader next transfer! I go to Lisboa today from training. Crazy right?! I still don´t know it I´ll be staying in my area or not, nor who my new comp will be but I´m REALLY stoked!!! This means that every week or so I´ll do divisions with other sisters in my zone and probably one other zone. It´s going to be a very cool new adventure!!!

Stuck in an elevator!
Yipeee Claudia !!!!!!!!!!
But anyway, this week was awesome! Saturday especially was a bit of an adventure. We had Claudia´s baptism all planned out and just wanted to run into our apartment to grab a couple more things when....the elevator stopped! Yup. 15 minutes before we´d planned to meet up with Claudia to get her all ready. So after calling the people in charge of elevator fixing, the district leader, and the zone leader, Sister Brundage and I had a solid 45 minute party in the elevator. Oh the adventures! But anyway, we´re perfectly fine obviously and we made it to the baptism only like 10 minutes late so they waited for us and it all went great. She is an amazing person that Claudia. She already is going to institute and thinking about a mission!!!!!!!! SO MUCH JOY.

This week we also had a really awesome lesson with Armandio, Angela´s husband. He and we all knew from the very beginning that one day he´d be baptized, it was always just a question of when. This week we had an awesome lesson with them about eternal marriage, which naturally, they loved. At the end, we invited him to be baptized for this upcoming Saturday. He said that he would think about it and get back to us. Then, the spirit took over completely. We started talking about that story in Acts that I think I´ve mentioned before of the guy getting baptized way fast just because he had faith in Christ and the Spirit was just crazy strong and I wish I could tell you what I said but I didn´t say anything because it was the Spirit and in the end, we did the invite over again. He response came like when you find out who gets kicked off of a tv show. There´s that long pause and if someone would have been filming they could have gone from his face, to mine, to Sister Brundage´s to Angela´s and back to Armandio´s for him to say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn´t I tell you that Heavenly Father is blessing us TONS?! We´re going to baptized 4 weeks in a row and I know it´s not because of us but because he just loves us so darn much! 

Other fun facts before I sign out. People here can name their kids Rafael and Leonardo and nobody even thinks ninja turtles. It´s great. Last week I met a lady that literally lives on a boat so that was cool. Also, it´s warming up and all the grass has little daisies in it and so it´s like walking in a magical land.

I´m excited for the change but also mad depressed about the idea of leaving Sister Brundage. I don´t have sisters, but now I finally know what it´s like to have one! She and I have gone through so much together and I just freaking LOVE her. You all needed to know that. 

Also, the executive secretary asked me today what we´re doing differently in our area to be having so much success. The answer is honestly...nothing. After talking with Sister Brundage about it the only thing we have changed is we worry less now and we put more and more of ourselves into Heavenly Father´s hands every day. If things aren´t going well...keep going and don´t worry! It ALWAYS works out in the end!!!!

Love you all, can´t wait to update you about transfers next week!

Com muitos abraços,

Sister Swasey

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