Monday, March 17, 2014

Stand Still


Matosinhos, I have to say, is like another WORLD in the springtime!!! SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. And there´s so many more people out and about and it´s cheery and wonderful. It´s just glorious. 

First news first... I did my first division this week! Yup, you read that right, Sister Swasey is all of official now in this Sister Training Leader stuff. Okay, to be honest it´s really not all that official nor strict, it´s just fun! This week we went to Porto which was awesome and I did a division with Sister Brundage´s MTC companion Sister Thornely! It was a bit of an adventure because their area is HUGE and she´s new there this transfer. Good news is we only got lost once! :) From conferences and whatnot I know the Porto metro system like the back of my hand which is nice. When it comes to buses however...hence the being lost once haha. But anyway, it was a really cool experience. Just like when I trained, it seems like I always seem to learn more from the people I´m supposed to be training, whether they know it or not. It´s really quite neat and I´m excited to do another division this week!

Oh yeah, happy St. Patrick´s day everybody! I don´t know if they celebrate this holiday here...but they do have Father´s day and it happens to be this week! Strange huh? Feliz Dia dos Pais Dad!!!

The miracles don´t end people, they just don´t. I am really REALLY learning that we just have to wait for them, we just have to stand still after all we can do and the miracles always come. We were having a slow week but were working WAY hard, and it came to Sunday night. We had no appointments but thought we´d try to pass by the wife of a contact I did about 4 weeks ago. We ended up talking to her mom and teaching her. Turns out, she´s the sister of a strong member in the ward and she almost got baptized but she got really sick and so she couldn´t even leave her bed for awhile. In one visit we taught (well retaught I´m sure) the restoration of the gospel and marked her to be baptized! When we went to invite her to be baptized, I felt the Spirit so strong I was fighting back tears. She still has some health problems but the Spirit spoke through me and I have so much hope for her and for her family! After the lesson her daughter got home with her two kids and we planned to teach them too. Turns out they all talked to the elders years ago and they LOVED them. I´m really hoping to develop a relationship with them like they had with the elders.

Guys, life is just great. The time is flying by and yet I see myself changing so much. Serving a mission is by far the greatest thing I have ever done and I love this country SO much! I love you all too!!!

Tchau, tchau for noW

Sister Swasey

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