Monday, February 17, 2014

Felicidade que não acaba

Well, hello there!

I wish, I really wish that there was a way for you all to just feel what I feel right now, even if it was just for like 2 seconds because those 2 seconds would be all it would take for you to all have a lasting smile and happy tears in your eyes and you´d walk taller and you´d know even more than you already do just how wonderful this world and this gospel are. I know, I know...I know you´re all thinking, ´Sister Swasey, EVERY week is a good week for you.´ True. But let me just say right now, if there is such thing as a perfect week in the mission, I just had one. I can´t describe the happiness I feel and it´s making me crazy because I want you all to feel it. I´m a happy person in general but this is so much BETTER. This is better than summertime, better than getting into BYU, this is even better than the day I got my mission call. This is real happiness people, and I want you to feel it through me! If I think to much about how happy I am I´m going to just sit in this internet place and cry and everyone is going to think I´m crazy. AND I AM, SO CRAZY HAPPY. Now, let me explain why.

So as you all know, last week was rocking. Lots of miracles, lots of cool lessons and new investigators and miracles. Well this week...even better. In the beginning it was slow. It rained a lot and we said goodbye to yet another dear umbrella. But I really don´t remember ever even being discouraged...maybe I was but we just kept going, just knowing we had two baptisms planned and that we were going to do well in all the other areas too. We went a full day LITERALLY talking with LITERALLY every person we saw in the road in the rain and ended up not finding a SINGLE new investigator. Yup. But we stuck it out and all the sudden Saturday rolled around and we went out to visit less actives with the ward. The sun was even out and by lunch, we had tons of lessons and several new investigators! Like, where did that even come from? Heavenly Father is amazing.Then the elders had a baptism that afternoon which was great and then we went out and worked some more. That night, we went to visit Angela, our angel, her brother Paulo and her husband Armandio. Just so happened that her son was there too with his girlfriend. We offered them both copies of the Book of Mormon and had a really great visit with them! The next day Angela told us that her son, Pedro, was STILL reading when she went to say goodnight. We´ll see what happens :) 

The baptism yesterday was AMAZING. Everything went over really great. Irmão Castro, an old neighbor of Anglea baptized her and Paulo. They were both so excited. The elders had a baptism again yesterday too so in total that´s 4 this weekend for our district. The ward is beside themselves with the growth that´s going on and so are we. It´s really amazing to see such real progress in a ward and I´m so grateful to have stayed here these 3 transfers. As I watched Angela and Paulo get baptized with all these members, a couple investigators, and Sister Brundage around me I thought I might explode from joy. This happiness is the real kind. The kind you people probably felt when you got married and had kids and stuff. It´s the kind we promise to people when they accept the gospel. It´s the happiness that doesn´t end. The happiness you only get when you know that Heavenly Father´s happy with you, that you still know you´re not perfect but that you´re making some real progress to being a little bit more like Him. The happiness that comes when you help other people to be a little more like Him too.

Please, take some of this happiness through this email! My heart is exploding, I didn´t know you could love anything as much as I love being here doing what I´m doing. I need you to know how wonderful it is! I need you all to feel some of this!!!! It´s the most glorious thing I have ever experienced and it fills me up to the brim. I love you all SO much. I pray for you, I think of you! Keep going whether or not you´re seeing the results you want to see in your own lives! For 2 transfers, we didn´t, but now we´re seeing countless miracles. Miracles are real!!!

Com BASTANTE amor e muitas saudades vossas,

Sister Swasey

P.S. This week I went to contact a lady, all nice like with a smile, and she literally ran away from me like I was trying to kill her. My life. It´s hilarious.

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