Monday, April 21, 2014

This one´s for you Mom. THEY SENT ME BACK TO AMERICA.

Dearest Loved Ones,

I do hope you all read that title and got very confused as to why you´re getting this message to Mom and what on earth I´m doing back in America. Okay...I´m not ACTUALLY back in America, nor is this email just for Mom. Let me explain. OEIRAS. This is AMAZING!!!!!! Everything here is so different. The thing about Portugal is that all the different regions were conquered by different people and so Lisbon is like a different country in comparison to Porto. This area basically looks like Pride and Prejudice could be filmed here, seriously Mom, you would die if you could just see it, along with all the other Jane Austen fans out there. It has lots of old cool buildings and GORGEOUS gardens and parks everywhere! It gets better. There are palm trees on every street, the beach lines the whole bottom of our area and the flowers and everything just reminds me of Florida! So seriously Mom I just found your dream world. It´s amazing!
Pride & Prejudice Area - Picture doesn't do it justice

Anyway, this week was insane. We´re opening up a new house so we have like no furniture or anything so that´s been crazy. There´s SO much I want to tell you about but I just have like no time because we were doing house stuff and whatnot today so my email time is megashort yet again. Basically, our chapel is the biggest in Portugal and the ward is great too! We had lots of fun getting to know the area a little bit but we haven´t even seen like a 10th of it because this area is bigger than both of my last 2 areas put together!!!! I love Sister Hirschi though and I´m loving all the craziness. We´re getting it figured out. The Lord is really putting amazing receptive people in our path. Another thing, the culture down here is a lot more open so people are way more chill with giving us their number and letting us come back and talk to them which is really cool. It´s just a different world. I still miss Matosinhos like nobody´s business but if I can´t be there, there is no place other than Oeiras that I would rather be and I KNOW it´s going to be just as special and miraculous as Matosinhos to me. I LOVE YOU ALL, SORRY I HAVE NO TIME. I´ll catch you all up next week for sure. Just know I´m working super hard, I´m mega tired, my life is INSANE, and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Abraços e beijinhos,

Sister Swasey

Random Portugal Pic

Random Portugal Pic

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