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So, basically a LOT has happened, sorry I wasn´t able to email sooner BUT.... I GOT TRANSFERRED. Its true! But before that, I have to say, our last week in Matosinhos was amazing. We did an awesome division with Sister Hickey and Sister Parker in Gaia too, which is just on the other side of the river from Porto. It was super fun, I went with Sister Hickey and she is amazinggg, it was so much fun! Gaia is a lot like Porto. I´d tell you about it if I had more time!

But anyway...Sunday came, dia de transferencias DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. So basically I was a crazy person all day, I mean, FOUR transfers is like forever. So yeah, saying bye to all the members...rough. Matosinhos is like my home!!! We had lunch with the Rissi family, who are basically my family there, and Sister Giberson and I sang ´Deus Vos Guarde´ for them, aka, God be with you til we meet again- which, fun fact, is a lot less depressing in Portuguese and still really really good. Then, I cried a lot, they cried a lot, and we went to work. We ate dinner at Angela´s house with Fatima, this AMAZING lady we just marked for baptism and so that was sad all over again. But good. Angela was mega understanding and just kept telling me I had to go off and complete my mission! I cried some more. Even though I was SUPER excited for a change, it´s always crazy on transfer days...emotional I should say. So anyway, the last thing we did was teach Lidia that night, thing is transfers were delayed and so we didn´t get the call until while we were at her house! They called and told me I´d be getting transferred and when I told Lidia she burst into tears and grabbed me in a hug and we just sat and cried together. She is an amazing lady and in such short time we have had such incredible spiritual experiences!!! But I know that Heavenly Father knows what He´s doing and that Sister Giberson will take care of her.

I also know that Heavenly Father doesn´t need me in Matosinhos because He needs me in......OEIRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those (or all) of you that don´t know where that is, it´s basically LISBON!!!!!!!! DREAM COME TRUE. I told Sister Giberson all week that I would be going to Lisbon and here I am!!! AND I´M DOING A PINKWASH. That, my friends, is when they take out the elders and throw in 2 new sisters, like when I went to Matosinhos. So basically, it´s crazy. Right now, we don´t have a phone yet, nor an area book, nor a map so we have been adventuring and borrowing phones along the way. Oh yeah, I´m with Sister Hirschi, Sister Brundage´s old companion!!!!! Fun huh? THEY HAVE A WARD HERE AND A REAL CHAPEL. Real chapels are rare here in Portugal, usually they rent out rooms in buildings and stuff so this is a big deal and it´s my first one!!! The area is like FLORIDA. Flowers and palm trees everywhere and HOUSES. Another fun fact, Portugal has very few houses in places that aren´t like villages on the outskirts, everyone usually lives in an apartment. HOUSES!!!!! Okay, I have to go and I haven´t even told you all the half of it but I love you all and everything just feels SO right! Oeiras is amazing! Heavenly Father Loves me so much and just is blessing me with everything I need (minus a phone ;) and so many things I didn´t even know I wanted!!!


Sister Swasey

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