Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transferências!!! (drumroll please...)


So here´s the thing- BEST WEEK EVER. But seriously, it was. This week we finished up training and visited a bunch of inactives and had some super cool lessons. We had dinner at Patricia´s house with the whole family and it was a BLAST.

BUT....I have some crazy news for all of you so listen up if you want to hear something absolutely awesome....

EU FUI TRANSFERIDA!!!! It´s the truth. It´s actual. Everything is MORE than satisfactual. Also I forgot how to spell transferred (transfered?) so I´m taking that as a good sign that the Português is sinking in. But ANYWAY...is that not the most exciting news ever? Don´t get me wrong, I LOVEEEE Caldas, it was an awesome place to start off the mission and I learned so much there. It was really REALLY hard to say by to the members and to Beta and all of our other investigators and such. The thing is, it just feels so so SO right. When they called on Sunday, nothing was a surprise, I just know that this transfer is 100% heaven sent. Don´t ask me why, but I´m trusting this good feeling and I´m ready to go!

So currently I´m chilling in Odivelas, a part of Lisboa. Fun fact: this is not my new area. Are all of you sufficiently confused and anxious? I´m just here hanging out (okay not really, we´re going to work really hard because that´s what we missionaries do) in Lisboa until Thursday when..........MY NEW COLEGA ARRIVES FROM THE STATES. Aka... I´M TRAINING THIS TRANSFER. Yup. It´s the truth. The good news is Sister Blanco has been telling me she thought I would train early for a long time so it wasn´t too bad of a surprise and I´m ridiculously pumped. This is not faked, I´m STOKED. I´m still not exactly positive her name because it was hard to hear but something like Sister Brunditch? I´ll let you know for sure next week haha. 

So NOW are you ready to here where I´m off to? Well....I´M GOING TO PORTO!!!! Seriously, am I conveying enough excitement in this email? Because I´m FREAKING excited. Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal, up north. It´s going to be bem bem BEM frio and rain a LOT. Elder Grover was district leader of my area, Matosinhos, and he said it´s super cool. It´s right on the ocean and it´s supposed to be really pretty.

So yeah for anyone that hasn´t picked up on this yet, I´m whitewashing Matosinhos, or in other words, both me and my colega are new there so we´re kind of starting from scratch. I talked to the elder I´m switching with and he said they have a few investigators and one baptism marked, so actually in terms of a whitewash it shouldn´t be too bad! Okay, let´s be honest it´s not going to be bad at all because it´s Porto, I´m training, I´m going to just figure it all out as I go and it´s going to be SWEETTTT. I´m dying of joy, are you all seeing this? Estou a falar bem serio, ESTOU TÃO ANIMADA. 

In other great news, Matosinhos has a WARD!!!!! With 15 recent converts, all active, and about a 100 members! They have 2 elders there too that I´m sure will help me out a lot. So basically, we´re just going to hit the streets running, contact like crazy, and really work a ton with the members. 

Oh my lovely family and friends, I LOVE YOU ALL! I´m so freaking pumped for this transfer. Am I scared? Nope. Nervous? Ridiculously, but hey, I´ll figure it out right? I´m hope you´re all doing super duper fantastic. Don´t you dare worry about me, my life is GLORIOUS. Why am I so psyched? Who knows! It´s just going to be such a great new start and I´m as ready as I´ll ever be! Stay fantastic, firm, and faithful!

Com MUITO amor,

Senior Companion (WHAT?), Sister Swasey

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