Monday, October 21, 2013

Divisions, Fish Eyes and Fanny Packs

Dearest Familia!!!

Danielle and Sister Kunz
WHAT A WEEK. But I could really say that every week now couldn´t I? So many new and exciting things in the life of Sister Swasey! This week I did my very first division! I´ve never done one before since my companion is the trainer that usually does the divisions, ya know? But this time we mixed it up and so Sister V and I packed up our bags and headed off to Vila Franca to be with another trainee that got here with us, Sister Kunz. I have to say, it was SUPER weird to be in an area that isn´t Caldas! But it was a super fun and good experience. We had the chance to eat dinner with a Anisia, her daughter, and her cousin´s daughter. Anisia is AMAZING, super duper elect. We had a lesson with her and then we ate dinner. I helped cook the fish, which was a first for me considering they still had the eyes, tail, well...everything really haha. I think it´s called Carapau here, or something like that. Sister Kunz and I even tried the eyes! Pretty gross to be honest, but it was really fun. This family...just wow. They have next to nothing and yet she would have given us everything. She just kept piling on food and asking how she could help us. After two days in Vila Franca and just two days with this lady I seriously just fell in love with her. She´s absolutely amazing, so sweet and so giving. I love being here on the mission if just that I get to meet incredible people all the time. 
Danielle, Sister Kunz, Anisia & Family

Sister Kunz and Yara

It was really great to work with Sister Kunz too! I think she was a little nervous to be with two other greenies but this kind of stuff is old hat for me and Sister Vomocil. We had a lot of success there too! It was cool to do street contacts with her because everyone has a different style and you pick up on cool new techniques, like new questions or ways to introduce topics.

Sister Kunz and Sister Vomocil
Let´s see...other fun facts of the week include fanny packs and strange street contacts. Okay seriously, fanny packs are like a really normal thing here, not dorky whatsoever. I haven´t quite given in to this idea yet but I do find it interesting because European style is so chic and...fanny packs. Also we had which might be my favorite street contact so far. We stopped this guy on the road and asked his name like normal. He told us it was ´Leopardo.´  We both were a little confused and all the sudden he got way defensive and pulled out his wallet to prove it. We both told him we believed him, it was just that we´d never heard that name before. He still was insisting his name was Leopard and showed us his ID. Which....said Leonardo. After that he just walked away and we just started laughing uncontrollably. And now I have officially met someone that doesn´t know his own name! Caldas is certainly anything but boring that´s for sure!

No more time to write for this week, as always pressed for time. Expect and interesting email next week because transfers are coming and they are going to be some big changes around here! Love you all, FIQUEM BEM!!!!!!


Sister Swasey 

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