Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Dear Friends, Families, Stalkers, and other Sister Swasey Admirers,
Cape Verde & Portugal
This letter is going to be rather short considering I'm leaving the MTC in less than an hour. E LOUCO NE?! (Crazy right?!) This week was another fantastic week in the life of Sister Swasey, the Portugal bound Sister Missionary. I love being a missionary. I know I say that every single week but it's the honest truth. It is literally everything I wanted it to be and so so so much more!

This week was a little weird getting ready and all. We did have a really good time at in-field orientation though. They had us practice talking with members and getting their help and how to do street contacting and whatnot. It was really helpful because I realized we don't practice much of that in the MTC, it's mostly teaching and whatnot. We also had a really cool departing devotional where President Nally had everyone stand up as he read what countries/states we were all going to. PORTUGAL, PORTUGAL!
Irmao Taylor
Irmao Chamberlain
Danielle, Sister Larsen & Elder Lynn
It was kind of weird because our elders that are Mozambique bound left super early on Sunday morning. I'll miss them but it's just too happy of a moment to be very sad!
We also got to talk to Irmao Limperle more this week because he subbed our class. He's the teacher that went to Portugal on his mission and it just got me even more pumped to get there. We talked a lot this week about just opening our mouths and trusting the Lord will fill it. I'm ready to just open my mouth and trust that the Lord will help me say what I need to say and in Portuguese.

I love you all, thanks for your support and prayers. I can't wait to tell you all about Portugal!!!!
Sister Swasey

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