Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crazy Week

Dear Fam.

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday and sorry I don´t really have time to write right now! Yesterday we spent the day riding bikes along the beach and cliffs in Peniche, the city where my district leader Elder Perkins and his companion Elder Costa serve. It was amazing!!!! 



Elders Costa and Santos

My District
I wish I could tell you everything about this week but one fun story is I invited someone to be baptized on Sunday night! He responded by saying "Pretendo" and I had NO idea what that meant. Good news is it means"I want to" or "I intend to"!!!!! Carlos is really awesome and I´m really excited to teach him more.

Other crazy news, Sister Blanco my companion and Sister Prieto are sister training leaders which means they leave sometimes and us greenies here on our own. It´s kind of hard but it´s really good for us! I try to remind myself that this is really Heavenly Father telling me He knows I can handle it, and I can! I have SO far to go with the language but really, I can communicate and get points across which is nice. I carry around a dictionary and flashcards with me everywhere like a huge dork but hopefully people see as an honest effort to really learn their language haha. 

Portugal is beautiful!
Portugal is seriously just fantastic. The people are so ready to hear the gospel. Fun facts- people drive like crazy people but ALWAYS stop for crosswalks which is cool, they love to tell me all the cities they know in the states, everyone thinks I look Russian or Ukrainian (am I?), and EVERYBODY smokes. Palavra de Sabedoria is something this country reallyyyy needs right now. 

Anyway, I should go find more eleitos but hopefully you´re getting the pictures I´m sending and I´ll get to write more next week!

 The gospel is so true, I wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t and I certainly wouldn´t be able to teach these people at all, let alone in Portuguese, if it wasn´t.

Karate Kid

LOVE YOU ALL.Until next time on Sister Swasey´s missionary adventures!


Sister Swasey (or Sister Sa-wah-z as I´m often called here)

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