Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Patience is taking 3 more steps.


This week was hard guys, I don´t really know what to say other than the truth. It was probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but I can honestly say that I have also grown the most spiritually in the last 7 days. So in that respect, it was SUCH a good week. I really got to know my Heavenly Father and my Savior.

This week I spent mostly in my bed unfortunately...Word came from the doctor and....the tests showed nothing out of the ordinary, no mono no nothing. SO...from here I go do more tests and such and we just see. I guess if nothing shows up even after that it could be something called chronic fatigue. It´s kind of a waiting game.

I´ve talked a lot with Heavenly Father this week and good news is He talked back. The only impressions that I really get are just to be patient. Patience has never been my strong point...but He´s sure teaching it to me now and I´m really determined to learn it this time around. So it´s good. :)

This week was just strange. The only day that was pretty normal in terms of work, we had to track down the reference Elder Teixeira gave us. Turns out they live in the middle of nowhere with no real bus there. So...we walked on the highway and asked a million people for directions. It was an adventure. She turned out to be nice but not really interested.

Then, as we were trying to find out way home, super lost, I said to Sister Galloway, ´Alright, I´m praying we see something I recognize here soon because we are super lost.´ I took about three steps and saw a street sign. ´Hey Sister Galloway I know this street!` To be honest it took me a second to make the connection to the last thing I had said 2 seconds earlier, but when I did we had a good laugh.

And that´s what I learned this week folks. Patience is just learning to take three more steps even when you feel like you´ve walked all of creation. I wish I had more time to tell you all about the things I´ve learned and how Heavenly Father has been taking me by the hand and helping me trust Him a little more with my gut, rather than just with my head. I included a link to the best talk about healing that I have ever read, maybe next week when I have more time I´ll tell you about the things I pulled out of it.

GOD HAS A PLAN. Don´t you ever forget it!!! He loves us. One thing this talk taught me is that He is more concerned with our growth than with our comfort. BAM. So dang true it´s amazing. That being said, I know that He counts our tears, that He cries there with us when we have to go through that necessary growth. 

Love you all, praying for you always!!!

Com muito carinho,

Sister Swasey

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