Monday, July 21, 2014

Earning my Stretcher

Dear Family & Friends,

There is a quote by Elder Holland where he says something along the lines that when you end your mission there should be an ambulance and a stretcher waiting for you because you gave your all and had nothing left.
After this week, I´m one step closer to literally and figuratively earning that stretcher. Maybe that should be terrifying, but to be honest, it´s not. It´s good. It lets me know that I´m doing it right.
Fun fact from this week...a member in our ward is getting married in Gibralt? I don´t really know how to spell, some part of Spain that is owned by England. Long story short, she needed someone to translate her birth certificate to get married there. Soooo I did! I translated the birth certificate and this other document that authorized it and then we went to this registry place and I signed for it saying that I translated it correctly. It was really pretty sweet!!! I thought it looked pretty legit. So anyway, first translating job...check!

I translated a document!!!! Yep, that´s my signature right there.

Other than that, this week was a little all over the place crazy. Sister Hirschi and I worked really hard at the start of this week up until Wednesday. On Wednesday I really couldn´t tell you what happened...I just started slowing down like crazy and I was supa dupa tired. But Heavenly Father helped me survive that day. Then, on Thursday we did our first division in Mem Martins and I went with a brand new missionary. Man, it´s been a LOOONG time since I was with a brand new missionary but it was really cool! It was like taking a step back in time and remembering when I was being trained and when I was training as well. Super cool, Sister Baugh is amazing too. Somehow, Heavenly Father blessed me with a miracle of strength because we were on our feet the entire day practicing street contacts and whatnot. The only time we really stopped was to get a pastry. Without really thinking I had Sister Baugh practice ordering and so I had her talk to the guy at the counter. Fun fact about Portuguese people- they are super hospitable! They take such good care of foreigners. Long story short, the second he realized we were foreigners trying pastries in Portugal for the first time, we had ordered 1 pastry each and 1 to split for her to try a couple types and before I knew it he had brought over two plates full of pastries, all for free! There were so many I couldn´t even think about eating them. Then when I got a to-go box he added in even more! I LOVE THE PORTUGUESE!!!!!
Pastries Galore!!!
 So that day was good, the division went really well and it was just a great experience. i always learn so much! The second we got home however...I don´t really know what it was but Sister Hirschi and I were dead. Maybe it was the flu? I took flu medicine...haha nobody freak out, we slept a TON and I feel totally fine now but we spent pretty much the whole weekend in the house. I DO NOT LIKE BEING LOCKED IN THE HOUSE. No thank you. It was necessary though... I think Heavenly Father made us sick because we have been working like maniacs and He was just telling us to take a step back and slow down. So we did and we´re good now, taking super great care of ourselves and so are the members. Man, they as well as Sister Sandholtz and Sister Stewart are STUDS.

Awkward Timer Photo
 Also, funny story, we were late to Ward Council since we still weren´t feeling great and the other sisters mentioned we´d been sick to explain. Then, a member we´re close with mentioned that we skip dinner (nobody freak out, we never entirely skip meals, sometimes they just get seriously delayed). Somehow, one of the members interpreted that as we´re starving and we don´t have enough food (133% NOT TRUE) and everybody started freaking out even though we all tried to explain otherwise. Next thing I know though, we have 4 bags of snacks brought by different members for us and 3 dinner invites for the week. So ya know, as far as miscommunications go, I´ve seen worse.. ;) These people are hilarious and wonderful.

And...that was my week haha. Life is good. We had our break and now we´re going back to the streets to get some great work done! I love serving here in Oeiras and I love serving with Sister Hirschi. I don´t know if I´ve ever laughed SO DANG HARD. She´s hilarious and we make such a great team. Life is just...good :) I love you all and miss you all!!!

Beijinhos e abra├žos,

Sister Swasey

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